The firm, David Buergler, Architect was established in San Francisco in 2004 as a sole proprietorship offering complete architectural services from pre-design through post-construction. The firm has experience in historical renovations and restorations as well as new educational, commercial, institutional, technical and residential projects.

We strive to make the design and construction process an enjoyable, collective endeavor. To that end, we work to establish a creative collaboration with our clients and meet their schedules and budgets while providing thoughtful, superior service.


By embracing the rich architectural traditions of the past, we have an extensive base of knowledge to draw on in creating beautiful solutions to modern challenges.


Designs that consider human scale, balance, proportion, and reflect nature are intrinsically beautiful.


A beautiful building connects well with its physical setting and provides opportunities to interact with its environment.


A building of quality is more than appearances and requires a strong initial design, the best possible material selection and continued involvement to realize its potential.


We work closely with the most skilled contractors, consultants and craftsmen to ensure the highest level of quality in every detail.


In consideration of generations to come, we demand that our buildings stand the test of time in both design and construction.


We encourage judicious use of materials coupled with high construction standards to foster healthy environments, conserve resources, and ensure long-term functionality.


Green design principles and standards are inherent in the design of our projects. We believe that there is a natural overlap where tradition and dedication to craftsmanship merge with 21st century technology and materials to create sustainable buildings and environments for our clients without compromising quality.

With Certified Green Building and LEED Accredited Professionals in our office, we have a wealth of green design knowledge and are able to incorporate building strategies and practices into our projects which are increasingly becoming required by many local building codes, which result in buildings that perform well beyond accepted minimum standards.


Creating a healthy and comfortable environment for our clients is a top priority. To this end, we design our buildings to have exceptional indoor air quality with reduced pollutants, select only materials and finishes that release fewer harmful compounds into the building over time, and ensure that natural daylight and ventilation are incorporated throughout the building.


By utilizing time-tested strategies such as passive solar heating and shading in coordination with modern, energy-efficient systems and appliances, we are able to create high-performance buildings that reduce both energy demands and the costs of heating and cooling a structure.


We challenge ourselves to do better than the status quo when it comes to sustainable and responsible design. Not only do our clients benefit from our efforts, but our surroundings and future generations do as well. Less strain on natural resources, smarter material consumption and better building practices all ultimately help to create a building that will endure over time.

We welcome our clients to take an active role in the implementation of green, healthy design and living.



David Buergler was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and educated at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Initially working in the field of archeology which he enjoyed for its analysis of cultural and physical environments, he developed an increasing interest in the continuum of prehistoric and historic architecture. Upon graduation in architecture, he apprenticed under AIA Gold Medal recipient, E. Fay Jones, architect of one of the most significant buildings of the twentieth century, Thorncrown Chapel. David later joined the firm of noted, classical architect, Allan Greenberg of Washington, D.C. and Greenwich, Conn., where he lead the effort to expand the practice to include university and college work. After moving to California to become a partner in a small firm designing exclusive residences, with 26 years’ experience behind him, he founded his own practice, as a sole proprietor in San Francisco in 2004.


Tasha Welch earned a degree in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University and after 10 years of practice began to work with architects to create unique, healthy and creative spaces. She became a Certified Green Building Professional and has worked on numerous residential projects.